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Ring Slings

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What is a Ring Sling

Ring slings are a piece of cloth sewn around two strong aluminum rings. The tail of the cloth is held by the rings in such a way that the whole sling is easily adjustable for multiple users, or simply to adjust the fit to hold your baby securely and support proper posture for you and your child.

Why choose a Ring Sling?

Ring Slings are ergonomically correct!  Because the fabric is spread around baby's entire hips, back and shoulders, baby is fully supported in a seated position, not hanging with legs dangling.  This encourages proper spine and hip development and is more comfortable for you and your baby.

Ring Slings are feeding friendly  Of all carriers ring slings are considered one of the best for easy, discreet breastfeeding on the go. It is incredibly simple with a ring sling to position your baby so that he or she can nurse comfortably while you remain hands-free.
Ring Slings are quick and easy to use  Ring Slings are simple carriers to learn to use. With just a little bit of practice at getting your carrier snug and comfortable and positioning your baby correctly you will be ready to use your ring sling in a variety of positions.

Ring Slings make great gifts!  They are practical, unique, stylish, and a gift to both mama and baby.  Not only will you be the hit of the party, but you'll give Mama the tool she needs to get on with life in comfort and style while encouraging Baby's mental and emotional growth.